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Digital copy of Description of Tiree from a book published in 1808. Consists of a handwritten transcription from a book, and includes mentions of: Island House, crops, livestock, caves at Ceanm-harra [Kenavara], the Reef, duns [brochs], St Patrick’s Chapel, the discovery of coins in ‘small earthen vessels’, and the discovery of human and horse skeletons in Cornaigbeg. The document also mentions that the ancient name of Tiree was Riog-Hachd-bar-Fathuim, ‘the Kingdom whose summits are lower than the waves’.

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From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


Research article by Rena Maguire, 2019, about reconstructing a Bronze Age horse’s bridal made using a deer antler tine for a bit cheek piece. A similar antler tine, also thought to be a bit cheek piece, was found amongst items excavated from Dun Mor Vaul by Euan Mackie in 1962-1964. Entry includes extracts from associated papers.

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Photograph of information about Vaul Broch

Colour photograph of information cards at the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow, about Dun Mor broch at Vaul, its excavation in 1962-4, and the artefacts found there and held at the Hunterian. See also K112-K117.


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