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Suggested identification for pottery `Mystery Object`

Handwritten suggestion for the identification of a large piece of pre-historic pottery drilled with holes. Possibly used as a bee hive, the holes being made for ventilation. Includes drawing and typed transcription. Relates to pottery fragment found by C MacDonell at Salum in 2009 (see 2010.35.1).


Periodical `The Coll Magazine`, No. 13, 1995.

Articles about Skerryvore lighthouse, WWII, pigeons, RSPB, emigration and the `Brilliant`, a school trip, holiday-makers, fishing competitions, the Coll show, Project Trust and bees among others.


RSPB survey of the mining bee on Tiree and Coll by Janet M. Hunter in 2002.

Report by Janet Hunter to RSPB of surveys of `colletes floralis`, the mining bee, on Tiree and Coll during June to August 2002.


RSPB survey of the mining bee on Oronsay and Colonsay by Robin Wynd in 2002.

Report by Robin Wynd to RSPB of a survey of potential sites for `colletes floralis`, the mining bee, on Oronsay and Colonsay in July 2002.