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List of Tiree-related archival items, 2012

Printed compiled list of archival items using `Tiree` as the search term from an unknown source. The list includes items from several different archives and may have been created from the CommunityArchives.org website.


Photographs of a baptism in Abhainn Bhi, Balephuil, ca 1970

Three colour photographs showing stages of an adult baptism at the bridge over Abhainn Bhi, the stream that runs out of Loch a` Phuil at Balephuil, around 1970. Before a baptism, the stream would be temporarily dammed so that the water was deep enough for an adult to be submerged when being tipped backwards by the minister. Unknown participants. Found in Flora MacArthur`s house (now demolished) at Sandaig 2010. Original in filing cabinet 9 drawer 3.