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frasan A4 launch posterFrasan – Tiree Mobile Archive app

Frasan (meaning seeds or shower in Gaelic) is the name of the new Tiree Mobile Archive app/website. You can install it on your smartphone, iPad or even laptop. The interactive map has historical information arranged by major sites, and Gaelic names for key features. In addition, the main tourist locations are marked and the map can track your location on Tiree, so it acts as a mini-sat-nav.

To view the app in the web browser of your phone or pad[1], simply enter this address

There is help available on the app, accessible through the main menu. However, if you are connected with a larger screen, you may find it easier to look at “How to use the Tiree Map”, which takes you through the main features of the app with screenshots.

The web app should continue to run even when you are no longer connected to the wireless or mobile network (important on Tiree beaches!).

Alternatively this is how to install it as an app on

Android (“Add shortcut to Home”)
iPhone (“Add to Home Screen”).

If you are on a laptop or desktop machine, you can view the app online here or see how the app behaves on a mobile device using the simulator below[2]. Simply pull the slider across with your mouse and the app starts.

This is the first public version of a mobile application being developed for An Iodhlann Tiree’s Historical Centre, funded by the Scottish Digital Research and Development Fund for Arts and Culture.

Feedback is very much appreciated. Please email to



[1] The app has been tested with iPhone, Android and iPad, but should work on other phones that support full HTML5. You can also view the mobile site on a laptop, but (see note below) the interactions may occasionally be odd as they are designed for touch screens.

[2] The app / mobile site is designed to be used on a phone/pad, so not all features work exactly the same in the simulator.

The simulator is built using Marco Kuiper’s iPhone Unlock jQuery plugin.
Icons by The Noun Project available at iconspedia.


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