Object Type: microfiche


Extract from the Tyree Kirk Session Book of 1827

Transcription of an extract from the Tyree Kirk Session Book of 1827.

In this extract from the Tiree Kirk Session Book, a widow in Kilmoluaig complained that a neighbour was alleging to have had sexual relations with her. After interrogating both parties, the Session decided not to take the oath of either of them, one of whom was lying and would be condemned to damnation.

Instead the Session fined the neighbour the standard amount of £1 13s 4d for lapsing twice in fornication. However, it would seem that they believed the widow’s account of events as they did not fine her but referred her to the civil courts for damages.

Not all cases of fornication brought before the Session were disputed. Some freely confessed their guilt and ‘promised to yield obedience to the Laws of the Church’.


Microfilm of Old Parish Records for Mull, Box No 603.

Old Parish Records for Mull: Kilmeny (Births, deaths and marriages 1802-1819, Births 1820-1854), Kilninian (Births and marriages 1766-1854), Oa (Births and marriages 1833-1854), Portnahaven (Births and marriages 1831-1854), Tobermory ((Births and marriages 1830-1854) and Torosay (Births and marriages 1772-1854)