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Printout from Canada’s Historic Places website about the Bard John MacLean Cemetery in Nova Scotia, also known as Glen Bard Cemetery. Bard John MacLean emigrated from Caoles to Nova Scotia with his wife and three children in 1819. The cemetery is named after him. Contains colour photographs of the cemetery and information about John MacLean.

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Two articles about childhood memories of traditional rock fishing on Tiree in the 1940s and 1950s. The first is by Billy Whiteside writing about fishing at Barrapol/Greenhill, while the second is by his friends, brothers Alastair and John MacNeill, about fishing at Hynish.




Letter from the Duke of Argyll to Les Crawte, Milton, 1998

Photocopy of a framed, typed letter from the Duke of Argyll to Mr Les Crawte, Milton, congratulating him on his `stunning achievement` (production of a booklet of the Roll of Honour for WWII), dated 10th March 1998. The framed letter was found in his house in Milton when it was being cleared out by the new owners in 2011.



Information about the MacKinnon family of Balinoe and Balemartine from around 1820, when John MacKinnon `Iain Tuathanach/John the Farmer` was born, through 1924 when his grandson, Donald MacKinnon and family emigrated to New Zealand, to 2010. Compiled by Calum MacKinnon of Seattle, USA, in 2011.

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Composition about water, transport, heating and lighting in the Cornaig School building and grounds from the 1920s to 1970s. Written by Archie MacKinnon, Cornaigmore, who was the school janitor from 1952 to 1992.

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Letter from Catriona Watt, Glasgow to Dr John Holliday dated 7/12/10 about the `SS Malve`, a Finnish steamship that ran aground off Balephetrish Bay in 1931, plus two photographs (P101 & P102). Catriona`s grandparents woke to find it aground in front of their house – Port na Criche, Cornaigbeg.

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Letter about Leonard Revilliod, RAF Tiree 1944

Letter from Mrs Hilary Sigmund to Dr John Holliday suggesting that Leonard Revilliod was not Czech and did not fly with the Czech air force. His grandfather was Czech President Tomas Masaryk who married an American. Their daughter Olga was brought up as a Unitarian, married ? Revilliod and gave birth to Leonard, who may also have been brought up Unitarian. Leonard Revilliod was flying with RAF Tiree when his plane collided with another in 1944 over Tiree, with the loss of all 16 airmen on both aircraft.

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Information pertaining to Captain Donald MacCallum, Tiree (1903-1943)

Printed emailed letter containing information and photographs about Captain Donald MacCallum of Tiree (1910-1943), who was taken prisoner of war aboard Fregattenkapitan Harro Schachts U-507 during WWII, but was killed when the U-boat was sunk days later with all hands.

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The press cutting in this file relates to the uncle of Captain Donald MacCallum, Captain Donald Archie MacCallum of Kilmoluaig (1884-1941).


A historical account of Tiree and its churches

Typed account of some key events in Tiree’s history and its churches. Unknown author. May have been the notes for a public talk. Typed ca. 1960. Found by the Rev. Neil MacKinnon, Cumbernauld, during a clear out of his house in 2010.

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