Digitised copy of the Rental of Tiry for 1743. Contains the names of townships, value in mail lands, tenants names and rental values in Scots money and victual (given in bear and meall).

Rent is given in Scots money for: Balliphetrish [Balephetrish], Cornaigbeg, Bassapole [Bhasapol] and Cornaigmore, The Mill thereof Waste, Beist, Balivoulin [Balevullin], Hough, Sandaig, Ballimenoch [Am Baile Meadhanach or Middleton], Greenall [Grianal or Greenhill], Barapole [Barrapol], Kenvarh [Kenavara], Kilmaluag [Kilmoluaig] with the Park [Gorten or the Park], Kelis [Caoles], Ruag [Ruaig], Baugh, Vaull [Vaul], Hianish [Heanish], Gott and Vuill [A’ Bhaoil], Kirkapole [Kirkapol], Salum, Crossapole [Crossapol] and Miln thereof, Heynish [Hynish], Manal [Mannal], Balemartin [Balemartine], Ballephuile [Balephuil], the two ends of Coll, Kennavay [Kenovay], Kilcheynichbeg [Kilkenneth], Kilcheynichmore [Kilkenneth], Kerraventreinvore [?] [Keratrinvoir], Keranakil [Keranokile], Keracrossagar (Kerachrosecar), Kerachusagar [Kerachussegar], Keramenoch [Kerameanoch], Balinoe & Culyeis [Cuigeas], and Heyllipole [Heylipol]. Rent is given in victual for Ballievulin [Balevullin], Balimenoch [Middleton] and Sanlaig [?] [Sandaig], Kelos [Caoles], Baugh, Kennavay, Balinoe and Coulyeis [Cuigeas], Heylipole [Heylipol], Kirkipole [Kirkapol], Salum, and Hianish [Heanish].

From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


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