Digitised copy of a letter from the Board of Supervision, to the Duke of Argyll, dated 26 November 1885 regarding the care of paupers in Tiree. A copy letter from D McPhail, Inspector of Poor in Tiree, dated 26 October 1885, is enclosed. McPhail writes regarding the death of Janet McLean or McFadyen (pauper, Balinoe) who lived alone and was found dead in her house. A copy of the medical certificate signed by Alexander Buchanan is included. McPhail observes that ‘we may have more cases of the same kind’ and that ‘the above is the second death in a house alone within the parish this year’.

Also enclosed is a list of paupers living alone in the Parish of Tiree, dated 16 November 1885: Ann McKinnon (Balinoe), Hector McLean (Balinoe), Cath[erine] McDougall (Balephuil), Marion Kennedy (Balevullin), Christina McDonald (Caoles), Mary Brown (Caoles), Mary Campbell (Ernal), Cath[erine] McLean (Ernal), Cath[erine] McFadyen (Heanish), Ann McLean (Hynish), Hannah McDonald (Kenovay), Cath[erine] McKinnon (Mannal), Flora Brown (Sandaig), Malcolm McDonald (Scarinish), Cath[erine] McKinnon (Scarinish), Flora Cameron (Ruaig), Arch[ibal]d McLeod (Vaul). McPhail notes the types of support they receive from the Parochial Board (including ‘necessary clothing and an allowance of soap’).

From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.

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