Digitised copy of Proposed Whitsunday Removals on Tyree Estate, 1865. Contains a list of farms, tenants names, rents, arrears and remarks. The document names: Marion MacPhail (widow, Balinoe), Don[al]d McLachlan (blacksmith from Mull, Balinoe), Murdoch McMillan (Balinoe), Neil Macdonald (Balemartine), John Macdonald (Balemartine), Donald MacLean (Balemartine), Wid(ow) Ann Campbell (Balemartine), James McLean (Balemartine), Hugh McLean (Balemartine), Arch[ibal]d McKinnon (Balephuil), Mal[col]m Macdonald (Balephuil), Lach[la]n McKinnon (Balephuil), Wid[ower] Neil Brown (Balephuil), Arch[ibal]d Brown (Balephuil), Mal[col]m McArthur (Balephuil), Hector McLean (Barrapol), Alex[ande]r MacNeill (Barrapol), Angus MacArthur (Barrapol), Hugh McLean (Caoles), John Macdonald (Gott), Alex[ande]r MacKinnon (Gott), Lach[la]n McPhaden (Heanish), John Munn (Heanish), Arch[ibal]d Brown (Kilkenneth), Hector McDonald (Kilkenneth), Arch[ibal]d Cameron (Kilmoluaig), A + H McLean (widow and unmarried son, Kilmoluaig), Donald McLean (Kilmmoluaig), Wid[ow] Marion Brown (Kilmoluaig), Neil McKinnon (Kilmoluaig), John McEachern (Kenovay)

From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.

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Other Number: 1209-1544-06

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