Booklet in Gaelic of sermons by An t-Urramach Donull MacCalum / Rev. Donald MacCallum minister at Sgire-nan-Loch, Isle of Lewis, around 1890. It is likely that the booklet once had a heavy cover. Chapters are titled: Do Mhurchadh MacLeoid an-t-Eildier, with a photograph; Am beannachadh; An tur laidir; Dol dhachaidh with a photograph of Rev. Calum MacCalum; Fear-ar-graidh, with a photograph of Rev Donald MacCallum giving a sermon in church; An Daingneach, ard, with a photograph of An t-Urramach Donall MacCalum himself. The Reverend MacCallum was minister of Heylipol during 1887-1889. He was a key agitator during the Highland Clearances and a chief leader during Tiree’s Crofters War. A memorial cairn ‘Tùr Mhic Chaluim’ was erected by the people of Tiree at Kilkenneth-Moss.

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