Collection of gramophone records of Gaelic songs and Scottish dance music

Collection of 15 78rpm gramophone records in their original sleeves within a `His Masters Voice` cardboard box: (1) spoken addresses `Through Jordan` and `Please Sir, Save Me` by General Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, (2) six Scottish dance tunes on bagpipes played by William Ross, (3) bagpipe music by the Royal Scots Guards `The Barren Rocks of Aden` and `Gordon Highlander`s Welcome to Edinboro`, (4) music by the Pipes and Drums of the 2nd Batt. Scots Guards `Highland Schottische` and `Eightsome Reel`, (5) `Molaidh na Lanndaigh` and `Air Muileann S`mi Nam Aonar` sung by Archie Grant, in a sleeve/carrier bag from The Music Shop, Oban, (6) `Mi`m so `nam Onar` and `Eilean ma Chaoil` sung by Neil MacLean, (7) `Mar a choisinn Alasdair a Bhantrach` sung by Allan MacLean & Kate MacDonald, (8) `Fhir a Dhireas am Bealach` and `Falt Trom, Trom, Dualach` sung by Margrat Duncan, (9) `Cruachan Beann` and `Nic-Coiseam` sung by Neil MacLean, (10) `Chuir Dhiot an Cadal` and `Moladh Uidhist` sung by Alex J MacDonald, (11) `Far an og rinn ni mireadh` and `A Chuthag` sung by Archie Grant, (12) `Donhull a lorg Bean` sung by Allan MacLean, (13) `Mo Ribhinn Choibhneil` and `Mo Run Geal, Dileas` sung by Macphail Blair, (14) Peigi `s a Mhonadh` and `Cathair a` Chul-chinn` sung by Neil MacLean in a sleeve from E.Adams Gramophone and Record Saloon, Glasgow, (15) `Mo Chruinneag Ileach` and `Maichdeanan na H-airidh` sung by Neil MacLean.

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