Information about the flight crew of one of the mid-air collision Halifaxes

Printed email from Ken Organ about the flight crew of one of the RAF Halifax aircraft that crashed in mid-air over Tiree in 1944 with the loss of all crew`s lives. Ken` father was one of them.

15 August 2012: “I said I would inform you of the identity of the airmen on the photograph we looked at last week. From the original my father noted the airmen thus:-  front row left to right: F/O “Harry” Oates, F/Lt “Bill” Kemp, F/O K W Organ, F/O “Johnny” Peterson;  back row left to right: Sgt “Bill” Graham, Arthur Marshall, “Norm” Power, “Warny” Creswell.

I understand  that my father’s crew in the accident on 16/8/1944 included six of the above, but not Kemp and Power. Instead of Kemp and Power there was P/O B W Smith and Sgt P G Smith. I do not know when or where the photograph was taken, but his diary notes he was posted to Tiree on 10th August 1944 (and the accident was six days later); prior to Tiree his diary notes he was at RAF Brawdy (in Pembrokeshire). Maybe the photograph was taken there and that he went with most of his crew to Tiree. I guess we’ll never know.”

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