Dissertation about the Tiree bulb-growing industry in the 1960s

Bound dissertation entitled “Tiree Bulbs” about the tulip- and daffodil-growing industry on Tiree in the 1960s. Includes hand-typed preface about the history of bulbs, an account of Tiree`s bulbs, many colour photographs of the different varieties of bulbs growing in-situ on Tiree, photos of some bulb-growers including Duncan MacInnes, Ruaig, and a map of bulb sites around the island. Author: Ena MacLean Percy – a district nurse who attended courses at The Royal College of Nursing in Edinburgh in the 1960s, and retired to Fort William. Bound in royal blue board with gold embossed title on cover. Found at a recycling centre in Fort William in 2011.



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Tulips from Hynish Farm

Parts of Tiree were awash with the bright colours of tulips and daffodils during the bulb industry of the 1960s. This photo from a student dissertation titled `Tiree Bulbs` by Ena MacLean Percy at The Royal College of Nursing, Edinburgh, gives an idea of how many of Tiree`s fields looked during that time. The industry was short-lived, however, partly due to Tiree`s unsympathetic weather, and partly due to the greater success of the Dutch bulb industry. The dissertation includes a history of bulbs, an account of Tiree`s bulb varieties, and a map of sites on the island. Found at a recycling centre in Fort William in 2011.

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  1. Janet Bowler

    One of An Iodhlann’s members provided the following additional information: “I think Ena Maclean Percy was the wife of Roger Percy who was the Agricultural College`s Tiree advisor at that time. If I remember rightly, Roger stayed with Walter Hume, and Walter kept the College vehicle and drove about in it as he didn`t have transport himself.”


    Ena Maclean Percy was the sister of Roger Percy, my colleague and horticultural adviser at West of Scotland Agricultural College for the Argyll area. Ena did not work in Tiree but had retired to Fort William, which probably accounts for the location of this find.


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