Fragment of pottery with a hole drilled through

Large fragment of pottery with a hole drilled through collected by Charles MacDonnell from Salum beach in 2009, and possible explanation of its purpose by Ian Hewitt of Bournemouth University: may have been used as a beehive, the holes being for ventilation. It may also have been a ceramic milk strainer used in cattle husbandry (see page 17 of  GW Davis 2011).


Object Details

Other Number: not specified

Fragment of Bronze Age pottery possibly used as a beehive

Dating from around 4,500 years ago, this and many other pottery fragments were found in the dunes at Salum beach by Charles MacDonell in 2009. Ian Hewitt from Bournemouth University thinks that the hole was made for ventilation.

Normal Location: Main Store North: archive box 88
Current Location: normal location

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