Letters about coastal erosion at Balephetrish 1998-2000

Series of four letters between Balephetrish residents, Tiree Community Council and Argyll & Bute Council regarding the need for remedial action to prevent further coastal erosion at Balephetrish Bay. Documents include: (1) Letter from residents to Mrs Mabel McArthur, Tiree Community Council, urging all erosion issues highlighted in An Tirisdeach article be addressed, (2) copy of text from An Tirisdeach article by Jack Carter, (3) letter from Janet MacIntosh, Tiree Community Council, to Ulrike Rawson and Balephetrish residents saying that TCB had written to A&B Council, and recommending contacting local working group of HIE, (4) letter from Ulrike Rawson to Ian Gillies, TCB, about further erosion and request for removal of gravel from the beach for her garden, (5) letter from Ian Gillies, TCB, reply to Ulrike Rawson.

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