Two old men over a hundred

Sound clip in English of Angus MacLean telling a humorous anecdote about two old men over a hundred.

Courtesy of Mr Angus MacLean

In a discussion about families living in Caoles in 1881 recorded by Dr John Holliday in June 2004, Angus MacLean of Scarinish tells a humorous anecdote about two old men in Caoles to Alasdair Sinclair and Duncan Grant.

At the time of the story, the two men – Iain MacLean and Ruaraidh MacDonald – were both over a hundred years old. Caoles was mainly unfenced and, despite his age, Iain’s job was to keep the animals within the township boundaries and out of the crops. This was not without precedent.

The Statistical Account of the 1790s recorded ten islanders over ninety and one over a hundred. ‘The Tiry-man above 100, was allowed to be 106, at his death, in spring last. Except for the last 7 years he supported himself and wife by herding. His liveliness appeared to the last, not only by walking but dancing.’

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