1805 Irish penny found by John Fletcher in Balemartine in November 2004.

1805 Irish penny dug up by John Fletcher in ground around the shed opposite his house in Balemartine in November 2004 (see 2004.202.1 for letter dated 25/11/2004 from Nick Holmes, numismatics curator with the National Museums of Scotland, identifying and dating the coin).


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1805 Irish penny dug up in Balemartine

While digging over his flowerbeds near his house in 2004, a Balemartine resident found this Irish penny (50p for scale). It is worn almost smooth but you can make out what looks like a head in profile facing right. The coin was sent to the numismatics curator at the National Museum of Scotland who was able to identify and date the coin. Other old coins found in Balemartine include three dated to around 1630-50 by the Hunterian Museum.
Normal Location: Pedestal Unit 1: drawer 3
Current Location: normal location

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