Young children at Silversands in Vaul in 1924

Photograph of two young children at Silversands in Vaul in 1924.


Courtesy of Mr Ronnie MacLean

Sarah MacMillan and Morag MacIntyre of Silversands in Vaul regularly took in summer visitors who left a record of their holidays in a number of small handmade photograph albums. This photograph of two young children is from an album dated 1924.

The children are playing in front of a water butt which collected rain from the roof and would supplement the well water. An outdoor WC can be seen in the background. This almost certainly contained a pail under a plank of wood with a circular hole. Each time it was used, sand was added to pail. The housewife would have the job of burying the contents every day.

Septic tanks were introduced in the thirties and forties. They were flushed with water from a large tank in the outhouse roof which was filled daily by hand pump.

Black and white photograph of two small children playing at Silversands in 1924.

Two small children playing by the water butt at Silversands in 1924. Note the outside WC.

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