Boats at Balemartine in 1946

Photograph of boats at Port an Tobair in Balemartine in 1946.


Courtesy of Mr Lachie MacArthur

Lug sail boats at Port an Tobair, Balemartine in 1946. Boats pictured left to right: ‘An Gadoch’, ‘Taeping’, ‘Ariel’, ‘Heatherbell’, ‘Girl Pat’, ‘Try Again’.

Black and white photograph of Port an Tobair, Balemartine in 1946.

Port an Tobair, Balemartine in 1946. Boats (L-R): `An Gaodach` (Lachie Dhomhnaill`s), `Taeping`, `Ariel`, `Heatherbell`, `Girl Pat` (Lachie MacArthur`s father`s), `The Try Again`.

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Fishing harbour at Balemartine in 1946

The remains of a small pier are still visible at Port an Tobair today, although it is no longer used for launching fishing boats. The boats used were the traditional `dipping lug-sail` type such as those shown in the phototgraph. (L-R): `An Gaodach`, `Taeping`, `Ariel`, `Heatherbell`, `Girl Pat`, `The Try Again`.
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