Colour scan of brass plate.

Colour scan of brass plate from the Glassary seaweed factory cart engraved `NORTH BRITISH CHEMICAL CO. LD. TYREE NO. 1`.

nbc_plate.jpgTiree in 100 Object – 9 – Cart Plate

The History of Tiree in 100 Objects

Object Details

Other Number: not specified

Name plate from a seaweed factory cart

The seaweed-processing factory at Middleton/Sandaig ran from 1863 to 1901, requiring the use of horse-drawn carts to ship the raw seaweed and processed product about the island. The factory manager complained that haulage charges were excessive, despite there being 600 horses and carts on the island, but must have acquired some carts onto which company plates were attached.

Normal Location: Filing Cabinet 5: drawer 3
Current Location: normal location

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