Newspaper article about vist to Barra by Cornaigmore Junior Secondary School in 1974.

Group of pupils from Cornaigmore Junior Secondary School photographed at Castlebay pier during a visit to Barra in 1974 for three sporting fixtures: netball, football and hockey. L-R: unknown; Gordon Connell, teacher; Jane or Isabel MacLachlan *; Donna Campbell, Middleton *; Catherine MacPherson, teacher; Ann Cameron, Balevullin; May Margaret MacDonald, Balephuil; Margaret Ann Campbell, Cornaigbeg; Christine MacClounnan, Balephuil; Christina Brown, Crossapol; Jill Robertson, Ruaig; Jane Weatherston, Scarinish; Mairi MacInnes, Ruaig; June Clarke, Barrapol *; Archie MacKinnon, Kirkapol; Drew Black, Scarinish/Gott; Iain MacKinnon, Barrapol; Archie MacFadyen, Balemartine; Torquil Donald, Vaul; Duncan MacPhee, Scarinish; Lachie Campbell, Cornaigbeg; Iain MacDonald, Cornaigbeg (missionary); David Monaghan, Kilkenneth *. Eddie Gillespie, Jacqueline MacFadyen, Brian, MacFadyen and Fiona Green nee Stewart were also on the trip but not photographed. Tommy Monaghan* should have gone but had put a grape through his foot and was unable to play football.

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