Dr John Holliday

Photograph of Dr John Holliday outside the surgery at Baugh in 1988.


Courtesy of D.C. Thomson & Co Ltd, © 1988

This photograph of Dr John Holliday, used with kind permission of D.C. Thomson & Co Ltd, was taken outside the surgery at Baugh in 1988 for an article in the ‘Sunday Post’ about Tiree’s GP. The island is just over eleven miles long and he very rarely used his bicycle to visit patients!

Dr. Holliday came to Tiree in 1986 from Kintore, a remote Aboriginal community in the Western Desert of Australia where he was the only doctor in an area the size of Germany. The Pintupi Homeland Health Service was controlled by the local people, and the doctor and local healer, or ngangkari, worked closely together.

As in other remote areas in Scotland, Tiree’s GPs have also worked single-handedly. A new surgery was built at Baugh in 2000 and a second half-time doctor was appointed in 2004 to help care for the island’s seven hundred and twenty patients.

Black and white photograph of Dr John Holliday in 1988 by the Sunday Post.

Dr John Holliday with his bicycle photographed outside the surgery at Baugh in 1988 by the Sunday Post.

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