The Signalling Tower at Hynish

Photograph of the Signalling Tower at Hynish in the 1930s.


Alan Stevenson, Clerk of Works to the Northern Lighthouse Board, chose Hynish as the site of the work yard for Skerryvore lighthouse because, at twelve miles distant, it was the closest suitable land to the skerries. The Signalling Tower afforded a clear view of the reef and was used to exchange signals by semaphore and lamp.

Preliminary arrangements included constructing a pier, dock and sluice system and building work sheds and accommodation for the numerous workers required for the lighthouse such as masons, quarriers, smiths, foremen, carpenters and joiners.

Work on the lighthouse was completed in 1842. The sheds now house the Alan Stevenson Centre and a museum dedicated to the building of Skerryvore lighthouse, both administered by the Hebridean Trust.

Black and white photograph of the Signalling Tower at Hynish.

The Signalling Tower at Hynish around 1930, from a small album from Silversands. (1997.176.10)

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