Dr Alexander Buchanan’s memorial

Photograph of the memorial at Baugh to Dr Alexander Buchanan, Medical Officer for Tiree 1860-1911.


Dr Buchanan was Tiree’s Medical Officer from 1860 to 1911. Although he was wealthy by island standards, an indication of the importance people of the time placed on medical treatment can be seen by the fact that in 1880 there was no nurse, one doctor and four ministers.

As well as payment for smallpox vaccinations and looking after those on the Poor Roll, Dr Buchanan had the income from one of the best farms on the island at Baugh. He died in 1911 aged 75, leaving an estate valued at £3,750.

On his death a monument was erected on Cnoc Eibrig in Baugh to a ‘Medical officer and loved and valued friend of the islanders’. This monument was damaged during World War II by blasting from the nearby quarry, despite the erection of a wooden shield.

Colour photograph of Dr Buchanan`s memorial at Baugh.

Memorial to Dr Buchanan (1835 – 1911) at Baugh, Tiree`s Medical Officer from 1860 until his death.

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