Mini-disk SA1968/31.

Donald Sinclair (Dòmhnall Chaluim Bhàin) of Balephuil sings a Gaelic love song, recites a fragment of ‘Ruaig ’s an Caolas’, gives popular sayings used on Tiree, sings ‘Air Lorg an Fheidh’, ‘Oran an t-Saighdeir’, ‘Mo Bhreacan’, ‘O ho ro ’ille dhuinn’, ‘Duthaich Mhic Leoid’ and another love song, gives the meanings of words used on Tiree, sings a sea-faring song, talks about harvest customs, sings a song about a Mull man looking for a wife, talks about different birds, sings ‘Oran na Tì’ and a cradle song, talks about wind direction when going to sea, a belief that there’s gold buried in Dùn Shiadair, sings a humorous song about a man needing help with spring work, tells a story about a horse in a bard’s house, talks about thatched houses, sings a song for a teacher, talks about tuberculosis, sings a sailor’s song and talks about fishermen’s landmarks.

Object Details

Other Number: not specified
Normal Location: Loft: minidisc (MD) box
Current Location: normal location

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