Bell gun with firing mallet used as a humane killer for slaughtering cattle and sheep. Originally used by Tiree butcher, Donald Archie MacLean, to slaughter cattle and sheep, this humane killer was given to the vetinary on the island, Robert Beck, in the 1960s. Made of cast iron, the maker’s name, W. W. Greener of Birmingham, is embossed around the rim of bell. Once loaded with a single bullet, the bell was positioned on the front of the animal’s head and the gun fired by hitting the trigger (the protruding knob) with the wooden mallet. Although very efficient and humane, it required two hands to operate and another person to steady the animal’s head. Not considered safe enough for use indoors, humane killers with captive bolts are now used instead.


Tiree in 100 Objects – 39 – Bell Gun

The History of Tiree in 100 Objects


Object Details

Other Number: not specified
Normal Location: Main Store West: archive box 18
Current Location: normal location

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