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Medal commemorating the 60th year of the reign of Queen Victoria, 1897

Bronze(?) commemorative medal. Bears Queen Victoria`s head in profile and the words “Victoria Regina 1837-1897” on one side, and “In commemoration of the 60th year of the reign of Queen Victoria June ?? 1897. The gift of the Duchess of Argyll” on the other side. A small hole has been drilled through at the top, presumably for a chain or ribbon. Originally from Donald Meek`s house “MacDonald”.


Colour photograph of the grave of Donaldina MacLean, Tiree, in the Australian outback near Charleville in Queensland.


Courtesy of Mr Chris Hurst

A few years ago, four friends on a trip in central Queensland came across a grave near Charleville. The inscription on the headstone reads: ‘In loving memory of Donaldina McLean only daughter of Dugald and Mary McKinnon Born on the Island of Tiree Argyleshire Scotland November 30th 1880 Died May 1st 1886 Aged 5 years and 3 months.’

According to local knowledge, the child was restless and crying, and the parents attended to her several times during the night. In the morning they found the girl dead with a snake in her bedclothes. She had been bitten several times.

Isolated graves like these are not uncommon in the outback, a testament to the hardships and tragedies endured by the early settlers.


‘Best Pet’ competition

Photograph of the ‘Best Pet’ competition at an Agricultural Show in the mid-1970s.


Courtesy of Mrs Maggie Campbell

Best pet competition at the Tiree Agricultural Show around 1975. Left to right are Margaret Cameron of Balevullin, Donnie MacInnes of Ruaig, a visitor, Helen Petrie from the Scarinish Hotel and Alasdair Campbell of Kilmoluaig with Queen.

Black and white photograph of Agricultural Show in 1975.

Best pet competition at the Tiree Agricultural Show around 1975. L-R: Margaret Cameron, Balevullin; Donnie MacInnes, Ruaig; visitor; Alison Petrie, Scarinish Hotel; Alasdair Campbell, Kilmoluaig with Queen.