Associated People: Weatherston, Mr Bill, Scarinish (1906 - )


Booklet `Water from the Seventh Wave` 2001

Booklet about the history of health and healing on Tiree, from superstitions and traditional remedies to lay doctors, diseases, dentists, appointed GPs, nurses and ambulance services. Researched by Dr John Holliday for a summer exhibition at An Iodhlann.


Archive film from 1972 about Round `The Mull`

DVD film from the Scottish Screen Archive about `Round `The Mull“. Filmed in 1972, colour, sound. A tour of the western isles on board the “Loch Carron” ferry in June 1972. Starting at Kingston Bridge, Glasgow then down the Clyde under the Erskine Bridge, Dumbarton Rock and Greenock. On to Arran, Fladda lighthouse and round the Mull of Kintyre. Then Tobermory, Coll and Tiree. A walk around Tiree includes footage of An Iodhlann when it was used as a dental surgery by dentist W.R.Weatherston. Then Barra, Lochboisdale and back to Oban.


Bill Weatherston, former President of the British Orthodontic Society

Photograph of Bill Weatherston, former President of the British Orthodontic Society.


Courtesy of Mrs Isobel Weatherston

Born in Glasgow in 1906, Bill Weatherston had originally wanted to train as a chef. He qualified in dentistry instead, training at Glasgow and Edinburgh dental schools, and won the gold medal in his year for prothesis work.

He worked in Yorkshire, Inverness and Glasgow and, during WW2, in the Army Dental Corps. One of his patients in Glasgow was working on Tiree, and on his recommendation, the family started to take their holidays in Vaul.

He bought the Reading Room in Scarinish where he set up a dental practice in 1968 and, a year later, took over the Barra practice as well, spending one week a month there. He worked until he became ill in 1983 and used to say as he looked at the view from his surgery window, “All this and a little dentistry too!”

Black and white photograph of Bill Weatherston, Scarinish.

Bill Weatherston of Scarinish, President of the British Orthodontic Society.


Audio cassette recording Isobel Weatherston interviewed by Dr John Holliday in Scarinish on 17/10/98.

Mrs Isobel Weatherston talks about her husband, Bill, and his career in dentistry, their purchase of Taigh na Beairt and the Reading Room in the Scarinish.

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