Associated People: Sinclair, Mr Neil, Balephuil


Collection of 26 photographic prints of the Sinclair family of Main Road, Balephuil, ca 1930-1970. The Sinclairs were on the donor’s father’s side of the family and include Johnsons and MacArthurs. His mother’s side of the family were MacKinnons of Adavale, Heanish. Seventeen of the photographs are accessioned separately as 2016.53.2~18.


Black and white photograph of Cornaig pupils on a school trip to Oban in 1945.

Pupils from Cornaig School on a school trip to Oban in 1945 for the Argyll Inter-School Games.

L-R: Donald MacKay, Skye; Joe MacLeod, Balemartine; Alasdair Straker, Balemartine; Colina MacDonald, Mannal; Neil Johnston, Heanish; Neil Sinclair, Balephuil; Patsy MacPhee; Jimmy Curran, Silversands, Vaul; Ina Brown, Balephuil. The pupils were accompanied by teacher Pat Robertson from Scarinish.



Black and white photograph of Balemartine School 1945-6.

Balemartine School, 1945-6. L-R: (back row) Helen MacPhee, Balinoe; Ishbel Bunting, Balephuil; Janet MacKinnon, Balemartine; Janet Wilkie, Balinoe; Georgina MacGregor, Balemartine; Patsy MacPhee, Balinoe; Marion Eadie, Balemartine; Agnes MacDonald, Balemartine; Colina MacDonald, Mannal; Helen Penman, Balephuil; Mary Woole, Balephuil; Lachie MacArthur, Balemartine; Alistair Straker, Balinoe; Ross Downie, Balemartine; Donald Downie, Balemartine; Frank Conway, Balemartine; Tommy Doctor, Balephuil; Joe MacLeod, Balemartine; Sydney Hamilton, Balephuil; Willie MacCreadie, West Hynish; Billy Penman, West Hynish; (2nd back row) Chrissie MacLelland, Balemartine; Lena MacDonald, Balemartine; Cathy Conway, Balephuil; Ina Brown, Balephuil; Agnes Armstrong, Balephuil; Margaret Carter, Balephuil; Charlotte MacDowall, Balemartine; Duncan MacPhail, Balephuil; John MacNeill, Hynish; Angus Paterson, Crossapol; Donald Archie MacFadyen, Balemartine; Willie Brodie, Balephuil; Donald MacKay, Balephuil; John MacKinnon, Balemartine; Neil Sinclair, Balephuil; (middle row) Isabella MacArthur, Balinoe; Nellie MacDonald, Mannal; Peggy MacLean, Mannal; Ruby Collins, Balephuil; Margaret Doctor, Balephuil; Janette Hendry, Balemartine; John Carter, Balephuil; Mary Catherine MacArthur, Balemartine; Sara MacDonald, Balemartine; George Miller, Balemartine; Murdoch MacArthur, Balemartine; Gordon Doctor, Balephuil; Jimmy Doctor, Balephuil; John Neil MacKinnon, Balemartine; Donald Archie MacPhail, Balephuil; (2nd front row) James MacArthur, Balemartine; Bertie MacLean, Balephuil; Jenny Penman, Balephuil; Mary MacKinnon, Balemartine; John Fletcher, Balemartine; Alistair MacNeill, Hynish; Neil MacKinnon, Balephuil; John MacLeod, Balemartine; Duncan MacKinnon, Balephuil; James MacDonald, Mannal; Donald Brown, Balephuil; Stuart Doctor, Balephuil; (5 in front row) Margo MacKinnon, Balemartine; Alistair MacDonald, Balephuil; James MacDowall, Balemartine; Jean Fletcher, Balemartine; Tina MacLean, Mannal.