Associated People: Paterson, Mr George A., Crossapol (1891 - 1961)


Post Office telegram, 1951

Photocopy of a Post Office telegram to Flora MacKinnon (now Flora MacLean, Druimfraoich): “Congratulations on being twenty-one. Mary Ian and Angus”, dated 29 June 1951. Sent by George Paterson, Crossapol, from Balemartine PO to Middleton PO (postmaster Calum MacArthur). Includes photocopy of envelope.

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Letter to George Paterson, Crossapol, from Patagonia 1913

Photocopy of a typed letter dated 3/6/1913 from the accountant of Compania Frigorifica de Patagonia to George Paterson of Crossapol Farm, informing him that his father, Donald Paterson, has instructed them to send £28 for passage on the SS Victoria from Liverpool to Patagonia so that he may join his father to work there.

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Birth record for George Alexander Paterson in Argentina in 1891

Photocopy of hand-written record of the birth of George Paterson on 14th June 1891, son of Donald Paterson, Crossapol, and his wife Ada Maria Luisa Hallet. Written by Francesco Gouche, Civil Registrar of Santa Cruz, Argentina, on 17th July 1891.

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Black and white photograph of hay-making in the 1930s.

Haymaking in the 1930s. L-R: Mairi Paterson (m.s. Campbell); visitor Iain MacDonald from Glasgow; Iain’s father, Mr MacDonald; Iain Paterson, Mairi’s brother; Harry Skelton; George Paterson of Crossapol, father of Mairi and Iain.



George Paterson’s byre

Photograph of George Paterson’s byre at Crossapol in the 1930s.


Courtesy of Mrs Mairi Campbell

George Paterson and Archie Kennedy were photographed milking cows in George’s cattle byre at Crossapol in the 1930s. The byre was white-washed every year and housed up to ten cows which were mainly Ayrshire and Shorthorns.

The cows were put out to graze in the summer and brought in twice a day to be milked. In winter they were kept inside. The family made butter which they sold as well as milk, and also made cheese for their private use.

Until thirty or so years ago crofters commonly kept a milking cow for their own use. Very few do so now, and with the changes in the law regarding ‘raw’ milk, all milk for sale is imported into the island.

Black and white photograph of George Paterson`s cattle byre at Crossapol in the 1930s.

George Paterson and Archie Kennedy milking cows in George`s cattle byre at Crossapol in the 1930s.