Associated People: MacPhail, Mr Alec, Unknown, Kirkapol? (1902 - 1968)


Five photographs of Alec MacPhail, cousin of Neil MacPhail, Kirkapol, 1930-1950

Collection of five photographs linked to Alec MacPhail, Canada: (1) Unknown Lady (linked to Alec MacPhail) taken at Clear Lake in July 1934. The back of the photograph reads; `Taken at Clear Lake, July 1934.`, (2) Alec MacPhail and his cousin Margartet McPhail which was taken in Hamilton Ont when East in June 1947. The back of the photograph reads; `Margaret McOhail and I (a cousin) taken in, taken in Hamilton Ont when I was East in June 1947.`, (3) Snow fall taken from the South East in February 1943. The back of the photograph reads ` Taken from the South East, Feb 1943.`, (4) Photograph taken in January 1942 of Alec MacPhail and Dodge in the snow along with a cat and a dog. The back of the photo reads; `Jan. 1942, myself and Dodge can get ast fall so the cat on top also Wallie the dog taken at the side of the house.`, (5) taken from the bee keeping area in June 1942. The back of the photograph reads; `Where I keep the bees in front of the house Natric Marion, a Miss Turner and the hired girl in the corner. All well, how is John. Taken June 1942.`

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