Associated People: MacLean, Mr John George, Scarinish


Audio cassette recording of John George MacLean of Scarinish talking to Dr John Holliday in December 1998.

John George MacLean of Scarinish talk to Dr John Holliday in December 1998 about his early years and schooling at Scarinish, working at Baugh farm and elsewhere as a shepherd, the building of Tiree aerodrome, Italian POWs, the bad winter of 1942, wartime entertainment, RAF and other personnel, bomb disposal, the materials and methods used in thatching, community spirit, demolition of houses to make roads, stories about the Rev. MacKay and the fire in the old shop in Scarinish.


Audio cassette recording of Maggie Campbell talking to John George MacLean in Scarinish on 11/1/2000.

Maggie Campbell talks to John George MacLean in January 2000 about the pay and conditions of the workers building piers in Tiree, the lighter taking cargo to the steamers, the sling and crane used to lift livestock, the railway tracks down Gott Bay pier to the stores, the pier at Heanish, the coal puffers and the ‘Mary and Effie’, pier masters, and the Scarinish Hotel and shop. Tha Mairead Chaimbeul a’ bruidhinn ri Iain Dheòrsa Mac ’Ill ’Leathain a Sgairinis anns an Fhaoilteach 2000 mun phaigheadh agus shuidheachadh luchd-obrach nan cidhe Thiriodh; an geòla a giùlain luchd gu na bàtaichean-aiseig; an crann a thog beathaichean; an rathad-iarainn air a’ chidhe; cidhe Hianais; bàtaichean-guail agus am Mary and Effie, na maighstirean-cidhe; taigh-òsda Sgairinis agus Bùth Dhan.