Associated People: MacLean, Mr Hector, Kenovay (1858 - 1929)


Long-service medal awarded to Inspector Hector MacLean (Eachann Ceitidh) of Torosa, Cornaigmore, from the Dumbartonshire Police department around 1952. One side of the medal bears Justice and reads “for exemplary police service”, while the other bears the head of King George VI. This version of the medal was awarded to full-time police officers with 20 years of service over the period 1951-1954. Includes cardboard presentation box.



Various photographs and information about Tiree ancestors of Gordon McConnell, New Zealand

Various photographs and information printed from ancestry websites regarding the Tiree ancestors of Gordon McConnell of New Zealand. Includes: Donald MacLean (his uncle, drowned Bay of Biscay 1928), Hector MacLean, Kenovay (1858-1929, Tobermory), Mary MacLean (b. 1906 Tobermory, d 1983 Wales), Hugh MacKinnon, New Zealand (1916-1943), Charles MacLean, West Lothian (d 1941 France), John McConnell (b. 1903, Mary MacLean`s husband), Margaret MacLean, Ardbeg (b. ca 1860). (individual photos not high enough quality to accession separately)