Associated People: MacLean, Mr Donald, Scarinish (1859 - 1945)


Black and white photograph of Katie and Netta MacLean in Scarinish around 1941.

Katie and Netta MacLean, grand-daughters of Dòmhnall Òg, in front of Scarinish harbour around 1941. The schooner `Mary Stewart` can be seen in the background, also the old store in the process of being demolished, the stones from which were used to build roads during World War II.



Black and white photograph of the Mary Stewart in Scarinish harbour with Donald Og at the prow.

The schooner Mary Stewart in Scarinish harbour with her owner Donald MacLean (Dòmhnall Òg) at the prow. The Scarinish Hotel can be seen in the background on the right.



Donald MacLean (Dòmhnall Òg) of Scarinish with his family

Photograph of Donald MacLean (Dòmhnall Òg) of Scarinish with some of his family in the 1930s or early 1940s.


Courtesy of Ms Janet Martin

Donald MacLean of Scarinish (Dòmhnall Òg) was born in 1859. He sailed all over the world, first in sailing vessels and later in steamships. For some time he skippered the gabbert ‘Primrose’ for MacQuarrie the shopkeeper.

In 1886 Donald married Catherine MacFadyen of Kirkapol and the couple had six sons and four daughters. After acquiring the schooner ‘Mary Stewart’ in 1908, he and his sons worked the vessel until the late 1930s.

Not the man to retire, Donald made use of the Mary Stewart’s jolly-boat to fish for lobsters. He worked productively until his death at the age of eighty-six in 1945, shortly after which a cheque arrived from Billingsgate Fish Market in London for winkles he had shipped off a few days earlier.

Black and white group photograph with Donald Og taken in the 1930 or 1940s.

Scarinish in the 1930 or 1940s. L-R: (back) Marion Livingston née MacLean; Donald MacLean (Dòmhnall Òg) of Scarinish, owner of the Mary Stewart; his daughter Hughina (m.s. MacCallum); (front) Chrissie, Marion’s daughter; unknown; Donald`s daughter Mary Anne MacLean; unknown.