Associated People: MacLean, Miss Peigi, W. Hynish (1860 - )


Photograph of Duncan MacLean, W.Hynish and his sisters, ca 1900

Sepia photograph from a postcard of Duncan MacLean (a` Chiobair), W.Hynish and his sisters Peigi and Jessie, outside `The Shepherd`s Cottage`, Hynish, ca 1900. L-R: Sine Chaluim Bhàin, Peigi a` Chiobair, Jessie, Duncan MacLean (a` Choibair). Sine looked after Jessie who developed dementia. Another of Duncan`s sisters lived in Islay and was there when one of the boats from Fuadach Bhaile Phuill was blown to Islay. Duncan himself had advised them not to go out that morning. The house was enlarged in 1936. It is in W. Hynish (na Cùiltean) and dates from when E & W Hynish was in one farm under the Factor`s brother (MacQuarrie). (Large printed copy and information stored in filing cabinet 9 drawer 3)