Associated People: MacKinnon, Mrs Elsie, Kirkapol (1920 - 2006)


Hardback book ‘Dr Elsie Inglis’, ca. 1920, a biography written by Lady Frances Balfour, the sister of the Duke of Argyll, and owned by Katie MacKinnon, Lodge Farm, Kirkapol. Inscribed inside is “To John, in memory of Elsie MacKinnon, Kirkapol”. Dr Inglis herself (1864-1917) did not have any links to Tiree. Chapters of the book include her ancestry, studies, London and Dublin, politics, faith, war and Scottish women, Serbia and Russia, covering the period 1740-1917. She died from a severe illness shortly after arriving back in Britain.


Letters from former Tiree Baptist minister F.W.Taylor to Elsie MacKinnon, Kirkapol, 1939

Two handwritten letters from the former Baptist minister on Tiree, F.W.Taylor to Miss Elsie MacKinnon, Lodge Farm, Kirkapol. Both are personal sermons to the young Elsie (19 yrs) advising her to avoid ways and people who might lead her to the devil. One letter (written from Aucheneck, Deungoyne, Stirlingshire, 24.7.39) mentions the minister`s slow recovery from a serious illness.


Six letters to Elsie MacKinnon, Kirkapol, from servicmen who had been billeted at Lodge Farm during WWII

Five handwritten letters and one typed letter to Elsie MacKinnon, Lodge Farm, Kirkapol, from servicemen who were billeted at the farm during the 2nd world war. Known dates range from 1943 to 1954. One includes a newspaper cutting about the correspondent`s dive in Lough Neagh, Ireland, another is a christmas card from and featuring a photo of the `MV Kaituna`. Another three are from RAF men.