Associated People: MacKinnon, Mr John, Balevullin (1850 - 1931)


Letter from the Duke of Argyll to the widow of John MacKinnon in 1931

Photocopies of an envelope and hand-written letter of condolence from the Duke of Argyll to Mrs John (Margaret) MacKinnon, whose late husband was “the faithful ground officer” to the Duke`s grandfather “during a troubled period on Tiree”. Dated 4 May 1931.

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Documents linking Campbells and MacKinnons to An Caladh, Balevullin, 1879-1987

Collection of photocopies of birth, marriage and death certificates for Campbells and MacKinnons associated with the house `An Caladh` at Balevullin. (1) birth certificate for Janet MacKinnon, 1889 at Balevullin, daughter of John and Margaret MacKinnon (nee Kennedy), (2) birth certificate for Archibald Campbell, 1892, son of Duncan Campbell and Flora Campbell (nee MacLean), (3) marriage certificate for Archibald Campbell (1892-1954) to Janet MacKinnon (b.1890) in 1923, daughter of John MacKinnon, Balevullin, and Margaret Kennedy, (4) birth certificate for Chirsty MacKenzie, 1926, (5) birth certificate for Alastair Ian MacKinnon Campbell, 1924, son of Archibald and Janet Campbell. “Alastair inherited An Caladh from Mary Ann MacKinnon”, (6) death certificate for Archibald Campbell, 1954, (7) marriage certificate for Alastair Ian MacKinnon Campbell to Christy or Chirsty MacKenzie in 1950, “they lived in An Caladh 1977-1987”, (8) death certificate for Chirsty or Christy Campbell in Wales 2001. Of all these document, Tiree is mentioned only on the marriage certifcate of crofter Duncan Campbell and Flora Campbell (nee MacLean) in 1879, and the place of birth of Janet MacKinnon in 1889. A photograph of a school medal (S137) shows that Mary Ann MacKinnon attended Heylipol School. Plus a poor print of a photograph of a MacKinnon headstone at Soroby Cemetery.


Photograph of John MacKinnon, Balevullin, ca 1920

Sepia photograph of John MacKinnon of An Caladh, Balevullin, and an unknown woman, probably his wife Margaret (nee Kennedy), around 1920. John MacKinnon was the 8th Duke of Argyll`s “ground officer… during a troubled time” on Tiree. Original stored in filing cabinet 10 drawer 1.