Associated People: MacKinnon, Mr Fingon, Ruaig (1795 - 1859)


Assorted family trees belonging to Alasdair Sinclair, Brock (1923-2009).

Eight handwritten family trees made by Alasdair Sinclair, Brock, in 1998, regarding his family and ancestors, listed as descendents of: Archibald MacKinnon `Gilleasbuig Mor` (b.1767); Fingon MacKinnon, Salum, (1795-1859); Archibald MacKinnon `Gilleasbuig Og`, Ruaig, (b. 1785); Charles MacKinnon (1838-1926); Donald MacKinnon, Ruaig (1796-1870); Donald MacIntyre, Kirkapol (1737-1800).


Eleven colour photographs of the MacKinnon Family Farm, Manitoba (est. 1892 by Tirisdeachs).

Eleven colour photographs of the MacKinnon Family Farm, Manitoba, Canada taken in 2000-2005 by descendents of Hugh MacKinnon who was born in 1841 at Ruaig, Tiree. The farm was established in 1892 by the family of Hugh MacKinnon. Photos include the gravestones of Finney (Fingon?) McKinnon (died 1859) and his wife Christenia (died 1896).


Black and white photograph of John Hector MacKinnon with his brother Dan.

Descendants of Fingon MacKinnon and his wife Christina MacLean: John Hector MacKinnon and his brother Donald known as Dan, sons of Hugh MacKinnon and his wife Ann MacDonald. One of Dan’s cousins recalled many decades later in a letter to his daughter, ‘On one of his visits East, your father, a gay Lothario, had a grand winter in Ontario. The girls all fell for him. He was all dressed up in fur-lined coat and fur cap and he was good-looking and he met and married your mother.’



Sepia photograph of John MacKinnon, his wife Christena Clark and their family in front of their farmhouse on Lot 31, Concession 11, Kincardine Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. L-R: Hugh, John and Christie, George, Margaret, Finnie, Charles J. and Sarah.



Black and white photograph of Archie MacKinnon and his wife Christena Clark. John was the son of Fingon MacKinnon and Christena McLean of Salum, Tiree and was baptized 23 Nov 1832. The whole family (including John’s six younger brothers) left Tiree aboard the Conrad in September 1851. Christena Clark was the daughter of Hugh Clark and Christena McLean of Ruaig, Tiree. She was baptized 10 Jun 1833. The whole family came to Ontario about 1846, settling first in Brock Township. Christena and John were married in Ontario about 1857. They had eight children, but only one married and there were no grandchildren. John died 5 Feb 1919 and Christena died 24 Aug 1918. They are buried in Tiverton Cemetery.



Black and white photograph of John MacKinnon and his wife Christena Clark in front of their farmhouse on Lot 31, Concession 11, Kincardine Township, Bruce Co, Ontario, Canada.


John’s niece, Retta MacKinnon preserved the following memories of her Uncle John (see )

“Uncle John always prayed in Gaelic at church for the communion service, also said the grace in Gaelic, as did my father, but Uncle John always began his grace the same way – “Holaidh o Ghia”.

Uncle John did not mince words when he spoke. I was down at Uncle Johns for supper one night, and as usual was plied with meat, potatoes, vegetables, biscuits, fruit and pie. I unfortunately make the remark “I ate too much supper”, as more food was pressed on me. Uncle John looked at me as if I were a worm and said, “Your Uncle John is ashamed of you, not knowing when to stop eating.” Cousin Finnie [John’s son], sitting beside me, pressed my hand in sympathy! We were all a little afraid of Uncle John.

A council from the various churches met at the Association meeting in Tiverton to question a young minister, who was to be ordained. Some members of the Council asked a number of catchy questions, and the young man was finding it a bit difficult to answer though he had answered the fundamentals well. Suddenly Uncle John stood up and said, “That will do now! You are asking him questions that you can`t answer yourselves!” The young man came to him after the meeting and thanked him.

We respected Uncle John, but only once did I make him smile, and it was like ice breaking up after a long winter.”


Sepia photograph of the MacKinnon cousins, descendants of Fingon MacKinnon and his wife Christena MacLean. L-R: (back): Archie’s son Finnie George, John’s son Finnie, Hugh’s son Malcolm, Archie’s daughter Elizabeth, Allan’s son Charles, (front) Allan’s daughter May, Archie’s daughter Kit, John’s son Hugh, Hugh’s son Dan, John’s daughter Margaret, and Archie’s daughter Sarah.