Associated People: MacKinnon, Captain Charles Alfred, Ruaig (1838 - 1926)


Booklet `Sìl an Eòrna – Children of the Barley` 2006

Booklet about the circumstances and fates of people who left Tiree en masse, sailing to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Patagonia and USA during the mid 1800s to early 1900s. Researched by Dr John Holliday for a summer exhibition at An Iodhlann.


Family trees and correspondence relating to Captain Charles MacKinnon, Ruaig (1838 – 1926)

Family trees and correspondence relating to the family and descendants of Captain Charles MacKinnon, Ruaig. Includes two bound family trees for the ancestors of Margaret MacKinnon, (b.Tiree 1933), and for Thomas Roy MacIntyre, Ohio.


Assorted family trees belonging to Alasdair Sinclair, Brock (1923-2009).

Eight handwritten family trees made by Alasdair Sinclair, Brock, in 1998, regarding his family and ancestors, listed as descendents of: Archibald MacKinnon `Gilleasbuig Mor` (b.1767); Fingon MacKinnon, Salum, (1795-1859); Archibald MacKinnon `Gilleasbuig Og`, Ruaig, (b. 1785); Charles MacKinnon (1838-1926); Donald MacKinnon, Ruaig (1796-1870); Donald MacIntyre, Kirkapol (1737-1800).


Email about Charles MacKinnon who emigrated from Tiree to Australia in 1862

Printed email from Allison McKinnon, Canada, to Alasdair Sinclair, An Iodhlann, regarding her research into Captain Charles McKinnon of Sydney, who emmigrated from Tiree to Australia in 1862, and the ships that he sailed with, including the Bungarie, Melrose and Woodbine. Includes information on his descendents.


Captain Charles MacKinnon (1838-1926)

Photograph of Captain Charles MacKinnon of Ruaig.


Courtesy of Mr Alasdair Sinclair

Born in Ruaig in 1838, Charles MacKinnon embarked on a career as a young man that eventually included almost every kind of sailing ship service. In 1862 he shipped as an ordinary seaman on the tug ‘Bungaree’ which reached Sydney after six months.

The day after docking in Australia he signed on with a local barque, the ‘Woodbine’, and within four years he was its master and part-owner. He then bought the first iron vessel in Australia, the barque ‘Melrose’. He ceased sea-faring in 1882 on accepting an appointment as first Foreman of Magazines, Middle Harbour in Sydney.

Charles was a fluent Gaelic speaker and a founder of the Highland Society of New South Wales. On a trip home in 1901 he remarked to neighbour looking out to sea, ‘Dh’ atharraich a h-uile rud ann an Rubhaig ach Sgeir an Duilsg!’ (Everything in Ruaig has changed except Dulse Rock!)

Black and white photograph of Captain Charles Alfred MacKinnon 1838-1926.

Captain Charles Alfred MacKinnon 1838-1926.Born in Ruaig in 8/3/1838 the son of Archibald and Catherine MacKinnon. Married twice to (1) Christina Isabella MacKinnon and (2) Catherine Elizabeth Eglington. He joined the Scottish fishing fleet, voyaged to North and South America and then Australia. In 1862 he shipped as a seaman on the `Bungaree` voyaging to Australian ports. He then signed articles on the barque `Woodbine` which he later became master of and part-owner. At the end of 1882 he left the sea on accepting an appointment as first Foreman of Magazines, Middle Harbour, which he resigned in 1901 to visit Europe, the USA and Japan. He was a fluent Gaelic speaker, was one of the founders of the Highland Society of New South Wales and was a prominent member of the League of Ancient Mariners. He died in Sydney, new South Wales on 16/3/1926.


Township history for Soay, Brock, Ruaig and Salum researched and written by Hector MacPhail.

Information about Soay and about prominent families in Brock, Ruaig and Salum – the MacKinnons/Sinclairs, Lamonts, MacLeans, MacLeods and MacInneses.

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