Associated People: MacIntyre, Mr Neil, Kilkenneth (1840 - )


Pewter tankard awarded in 1884

Pewter tankard inscribed “10th LRV Sports 1884 Tug-o-War won by N. McIntyre”. Found on a beach on Tiree and given to the donor`s mother around 1980. N. McIntyre may have been Neil McIntyre, Balevullin/Kilkenneth (b. ca. 1840), the donor`s gt-gt-gt-gt-grandfather`s brother (see 2012.116.2).


Tiree in 100 Objects – 69 – Pewtar Tankard

The History of Tiree in 100 Objects


Information relating to the MacIntyres and Kennedys of Tiree ca. 1730-1980.

Photocopies of handwritten ancestral lineages of donor. Includes Alexander MacIntyre (b. ca. 1730 Tiree), Donald MacIntyre (b. 1768, “Queyish” Tiree), Murdoch MacIntyre (d. 1871 Kilkenneth), Donald MacIntyre (1838-1913 Heylipol), Murdoch MacIntyre (1875-1928 Greenhill & Govan), Sarah McLean MacIntyre (1905-1964 Glasgow and Ontario), Irene Naismith (Canada), Sheila Kennedy Naismith Ramsay (Ontario), Ross Naismith (California). Donald Kennedy (b. 1763 Kilkennethmore), Neil Kennedy (1797-1881 Kilkennethmore/Balevullin), Donald Kennedy (b. 1822 Balevullin), Archibald Kennedy (1863-1951 Moss and Glasgow), Donald Kennedy (1893-1950 Glasgow), Irene Kennedy (b. 1926 Glasgow), Sheila Kennedy Naismith Ramsay (b. 1956 Ontario), Ross Naismith (b. 1986 California).

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