Associated People: MacIntyre, Mr Hugh, Vaul (1856 - 1932)


Sarah MacMillan, Hugh and Morag MacIntyre

Photograph of Sarah MacMillan, Hugh and Morag MacIntyre at Silversands in Vaul in 1827.


Courtesy of Mr Donald Brown

Sarah MacMillan (front right) is pictured with her niece Morag behind her and Morag’s father Hugh MacIntyre outside Silversands in Vaul in 1927. Besides running the shop attached to the house and looking after her aged aunt, Morag also took in visitors during the summer months.

The shop was used as an assembly point for Scottish Airways passengers when the planes landed on Gott Bay beach before 1939. Morag also acted as secretary of the Vaul Golf Club, and players had to pay their green fees to her. A map of the course was on her shop wall.

She never had a bank account and paid all her suppliers by Postal Order purchased at Ruaig Post Office. The shop closed around 1960 after serving the community for almost one hundred years.

Black and white photograph of a group of people outside Silversands in 1927.

Outside Silversands in Vaul in 1927. L-R: (back) unknown; Hugh MacIntyre (1856-1932); his daughter Morag (1897-1967); (front) unknown; Sarah MacMillan (1856-1948), Hugh`s sister-in-law and Morag`s aunt.