Associated People: MacFarlane, Rev. Duncan, Balinoe (1822 - 1908)


Photocopy of a black & white photograph of Captain Kenneth MacKenzie (1897-1951), Chief Officer aboard the famous Antarctic research vessel ‘Discovery‘. Kenneth was appointed Chief Officer/First Mate of the Discovery for the first British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition (BANZARE) in 1929. In 1930, he was promoted to Captain for the second BANZARE expedition.  Kenneth (Coinneach a` Mhinisdair) was the grandson of Rev Duncan MacFarlane, Baptist minister at Baugh. Kenneth’s mother, Catherine MacFarlane married Duncan MacKenzie of Inverary.


Black & white photograph of a young woman, thought to be Catherine MacKenzie (nee MacFarlane of Baugh Manse, 1864-1904), sitting at the shore in around 1885. Catherine was the daughter of Rev Duncan MacFarlane, Baptist minister at Baugh. Catherine married Duncan MacKenzie of Inverary, but left him around 1904 and returned to live with her parents at Baugh Manse, where she remained until her death. One of her sons, Kenneth MacKenzie, became Chief Officer aboard the ship ‘Discovery‘.


Black & white photograph of (back row, L-R) Rev Duncan MacFarlane (1822-1908) and his wife Catherine MacFarlane (nee MacLachlan, 1824-1905), with two of their children Dugald and Anne, on the event of their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1903. Duncan and Catherine were both born on Tiree, but married in Tobermory, Mull, where their seven children were born. Duncan returned to Tiree to replace his deceased brother as Baptist minister, the family living in Baugh Manse. Rev Dr Dugald MacFarlane (1869-1956), became Moderator of the Church of Scotland during 1937-1938.


Photocopied collection of photographs, will, letters, poetry, newspaper cuttings, family tree and collated information for the MacFarlane and MacKenzie family of Clachan Cottage, Baugh, and Baugh Manse. Key named individuals include the Rev Duncan MacFarlane (d. 1908), Baptist Minister, whose ancestors were brought to Tiree from Arrochar by one of the Dukes of Argyll; Donald MacKenzie, Arrochar (1716-1779); Rev Hector MacKinnon, Tiree; William John MacKenzie, New Zealand (d. 1915); Rev Dr Dugald MacFarlane (b. 1869); Kenneth MacKenzie (1897-1951), Chief Officer of the Antarctic research ship ‘Discovery’ and grandson of Rev Duncan MacFarlane (b. 1866); Catherine (nee MacLachlan), wife of Rev Duncan MacFarlane; Catherine MacKenzie (nee MacFarlane, 1864-1929), daughter of Rev Duncan MacFarlane and mother of Kenneth MacKenzie; Anne MacFarlane (1862-1939), sister of Catherine MacKenzie.



Letters and genealogy relating to Kenneth Norman MacKenzie (1897-1951)

Letters from Malcolm MacKenzie, Greece, to Rev. Peter Williams, Balemartine, and Duncan Grant (An Iodhlann) asking for assistance in tracing his father`s (Kenneth Norman MacKenzie, Baugh, 1897-1951) Tiree family history, with information about the family. Kenneth MacKenzie was the grandson of Duncan MacFarlane, Heylipol, who became the Baptist Minister at Baugh in 1879. Kenneth became captain of Scott`s exploration ship `Discovery`.


Black & white photograph of Rev. Duncan MacFarlane (1822-1908), Balemartine, and his family around 1900.


Courtesy of Ms Elsie MacKinnon

Rev. Duncan MacFarlane (1822-1908), Baptist minister at Tobermory and Tiree, his wife Catherine and their children, the Very Rev. Dr. Dugald MacFarlane (1869-1956), former Moderator of the Church of Scotland, and his sister Anne, probably taken around 1900.

John MacFarlane, Duncan’s brother, was the first Tiree-born Baptist pastor. In 1851 John succeeded Rev. Duncan MacDougall, a devoted itinerant evangelist who, along with the Rev. Archibald Farquharson of the Congregational Church, was prominent in the religious awakening of 1839-1846.

Duncan MacFarlane, who had converted through the preaching of Rev. Farquharson, left Tiree to become a merchant in Tobermory. He was accepted as a Baptist missionary in 1856 and proved influential in the revival of 1874 in Tiree. In 1879 he succeeded his brother as pastor of the Tiree Baptist Church, which he served until his death in 1908.


Photocopied assignation dated 1880 by the Trustees of Baptist Church of Tiree in favour of the Baptist Home Missionary Society of Scotland.

Assignation dated 1880 by the Trustees of Baptist Church of Tiree of the tack at Baugh in favour of the Baptist Home Missionary Society of Scotland.


Photocopied journal of Lord Lorne dated 23-28/4/1884.

The journal of Lord Lorne written during a visit to Tiree 23-28/4/1884 and in the form of a letter to the 8th Duke of Argyll.

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