Associated People: MacDonald, Mr Donald, Heanish (1925 - 2003)


Solicitors’ copy of a Minute of Agreement between Tiree Public Hall Management Committee and Tiree Agricultural Show Committee regarding a loan of £500 from the show committee to the hall committee in 1990, and the conditions of its repayment. Signed by Grace C MacKinnon and Monica Smith for the show committee, and Donald M MacDonald, Heanish, and Jack Carter, Balephetrish, for the hall committee.


Papers from Cairdean nan Taighean Tugha – Friends of the Thatched Houses

Papers and documents relating to `Cairdean nan Taighean Tugha – Friends of the Thatched Houses` a Tiree based charity set up to help preserve traditional Highland thatched buildings in Argyll, particularly Tiree. Chaired by Alex MacArthur, Heylipol, Coordinated by Donald MacDonald, Heanish, Secretary James Souness, Lochgilphead. Documents include: (1) Invitation to become a member, (2) Constitution – 198?, (3) minutes of a meeting 16 Sept 1998, (4) minutes of AGM 12 July 1999, (5) minutes of a meeting 30 Aug 1999.


Colour photograph of the winners of a Tiree regatta in 1987.

Winners of a Tiree regatta in 1987. L-R: (front row) Willie Bunting, Crossapol; Donald Iain Kennedy, West Hynish; Iain Whyte, Crossapol; (2nd front row) John MacLean, Duncan’s son; Duncan MacLean, Crossapol/Caoles; Iain Aonghais MacKinnon, Kilmoluaig; Duncan MacInnes, Ruaig; David Gunn, Mannal; Iain Gunn, Mannal, Iain’s brother; (2nd back row) Jim MacLennan (Jim Dubh); Lachie MacArthur, Mannal; unknown; Donald MacDonald, Heanish; Hector MacArthur, Caoles; unknown; Neil MacDonald, Skipinnish, Ruaig; Iain MacKinnon, Tor a’ Bhaile, Ruaig; Duncan MacPhee, Scarinish; (back row) Iain MacDonald, Skipinnish, Neil’s son; Lachie MacFarlane, Hynish; Donald MacKinnon, Sandaig; Donald Farquhar, Balemartine; Mike Stanfield, Heanish; visitor; Simon Latham, Baugh.



Colour photograph taken down by Scarinish harbour after a regatta in the 1980s.

Down by Scarinish harbour after a regatta in 1987. L-R: visitor; Donald MacDonald, Heanish; Tommy Monaghan, Heanish; Charlie MacLean, Salum; Murdoch MacDonald, Kilmoluaig; Iain Aonghais MacKinnon, Kilmoluaig; Mike Stanfield, Heanish; Willie Bunting, Crossapol; Simon Latham, Baugh; Donald Farquhar, Balemartine; Donald MacKinnon, Sandaig; Iain Whyte, Crossapol.



Black and white photograph of the Tiree choir at the Oban Mod in 1992.

The Tiree choir at the Oban Mod in 1992. L-R: (front row) Mairi MacArthur, Roisgal; Elaine MacArthur, Balinoe; Mabel MacArthur, Sandaig; Margaret Ryan; Jessie Gray, Balemartine; (middle row) Jill Robertson;
Stuart Smith, Hynish; Maggie Campbell, Kilmoluaig; Lachie Campbell, Cornaigbeg; Donniel Kennedy, Hynish; Murdina MacLean, Kilmoluaig; Clare Jones, Baugh; Alec MacLean, Cornaigbeg; Joyce Gillespie, Balinoe; Mairi MacLean, Ruaig; Mary Ann MacDonald, Heanish; (back row) Stewart Langley, Kirkapol; Brian Findlater, Scarinish; Donald Berry,Vaul; Donald MacDonald; Iain MacLeod, Kilmoluaig.



Audio cassette recording of Donald MacDonald of Heanish and Australia interviewed by Maggie Campbell in Scarinish on 19/6/2002.

Donald MacDonald of Heanish and Australia talks to Maggie Campbell in June 2002 about leaving Tiree at the age of 16 to join the Merchant Navy, his early memories of Tiree looking for birds’ eggs, fishing and collecting whelks; Donald and his sisters Janet and Isabel talk about the RAF on Tiree, teachers at Scarinish School, the shops, changes in farming and the village of Heanish over the years.