Associated People: MacDonald, Mr Archibald, Cornaig (1900 - )


Photograph and artwork of Archibald MacDonald, 1912

Black carboard box containing card-framed sections of the original montage of artwork, photograph and text: [large wood and glass framed montage of a sepia photograph of Archibald MacDonald aged about 17, surrounded by watercolour paintings of flowering plants painted by him whilst at school. Two plaques at the foot of the frame read “These drawings were done by Archibald MacDonald in the year 1912 while attending Cornaigmore Higher Grade School. In the year 1914 he went to Oban High School” and “Rector of Cornaigmore Higher Grade School Mr Ross, Rector of Oban High School Mr Kennedy”. Archibald probably served and died during WWI. A note with the picture written by Angus (Pier Road) in 2008(?), states that it was “made by one of the people of `Lagnachuach, Cornaig`. The varnish on the frame appears to have been partly stripped]. Re-formatted under instruction by Dr John Holliday, An Iodhlann, 2013/14