Associated People: MacColl, Rev Archibald, Tiree (1746 - 1814)


A digitised copy of the Argyll Estate Census of 1779, including a List of all the Inhabitants of Tirii and their age in September 1779. This census was commissioned in 1779 by the Duke of Argyll and includes the whole of Tiree, as well as lands in Mull, Iona and mainland Argyll. The information was collected and recorded by tacksmen or church ministers, and their style of recording varies. Relationships within households (e.g. wife, husband, daughter, son, etc.) are not recorded. Married women were recorded by their maiden surname and not by their husband’s surname.

The inside page of the volume contains a loose page with a ‘List of all the Inhabitants of Tiry 1787’, written by Reverend Archibald McColl and dated September 29th 1787. This table records the names of farms with the number of inhabitants divided into males, females, and boys and girls under six years old. McColl notes that ‘the great Increase of late seems mostly owing to the Return of Men from the Army and to Inoculation’.

From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


Information about Coll MacColl of Tiree (1787-1842)

History of Coll MacColl, son of the Rev. Archibald MacColl of Tiree, compiled by Alasdair Roberts in 2013. “As a young man he fathered an illegitimated child in Tiree, went as a gardener to Bishop Ranald MacDonald`s Lismore seminary, became a Catholic and then a priest, undertaking pastoral journeys through the Highlands. Emigrated to Australia after falling out with the Vicar General in Arisaig, dying within 3 weeks of arrival.”

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Photocopied extract `Parish of Tiry` from `The Statistical Account of Scotland 1791-99`.

Information about the geography and topography of Tiree, its agriculture and livestock, water mills, climate, diseases and population, fuel, industries and fishing, local customs, education, travel and religion.


Photocopy of book extract `Parish of Tiry` by Rev. Archibald McColl.

Description of the geography of Tiree, its wildlife, minerals, antiquities, climate, diseases, population, fuel, manufactures and fishery, livestock, agriculture, the character and customs of the people, the poor, schools, emigration, ferries, churches.