Associated People: MacCallum, Mr Lachlan Daniel, Tiree (1881 - 1967)


Black and white photograph of Lachie Dan MacCallum (1881-1967) with his grandson Ken MacCallum in the 1950s.

Lachie Dan MacCallum (1881-1967), the great-grandson of the first miller at Cornaig, with his grandson Ken MacCallum in Lachie`s lobster boat at Pictou, Nova Scotia around 1958.



Colour photograph of Daniel MacCallum`s house on Pictou Island, Nova Scotia.

The house of Daniel MacCallum (1835-1897) on Pictou Island, Nova Scotia (see photo M167). Daniel`s three sons Duncan, Hector and Lauchlin Daniel were lobster fishermen (see photo A134). Note the boat in the foreground used as a flower bed.