Associated People: MacCallum, Capt Donald Archibald, Tiree (1910 - 1943)


Information pertaining to Captain Donald MacCallum, Tiree (1903-1943)

Printed emailed letter containing information and photographs about Captain Donald MacCallum of Tiree (1910-1943), who was taken prisoner of war aboard Fregattenkapitan Harro Schachts U-507 during WWII, but was killed when the U-boat was sunk days later with all hands.

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The press cutting in this file relates to the uncle of Captain Donald MacCallum, Captain Donald Archie MacCallum of Kilmoluaig (1884-1941).


News article “Best [sea] rescue of the year”, 1929

Printout of photographed news article “Best rescue of the year” from the Journal of Commerce, June 1929, about the `Emile Robin` award for the best sea rescue during the year being given to Chief Officer Donald Archie. MacCallum, Kilmoluaig, and others of the steamer Huntsman of Liverpool, which saved the crew of the Spanish steamer Delfina in the Irish Sea in December 1928.


Family trees for the MacNeils of Balevullin, and the MacCallums (of Tiree) who captained ships during WWII

Family trees of the MacNeils of Balevulin and the MacCallums (of Tiree). Donald Archie MacCallum was captain of “SS Designer”, and Donald MacCallum was captain of the “Baron Inchcape” (internet photo included). Also internet photo of the ship “Huntsman” and a list of the fate of ships of the Harrison Line, with other internet pages about the Harrison Line Shipping Co.


Copy of letter containing information about Captain Donald Archibald MacCallum of Tiree, ca 2005

Photocopy of a letter from “George” to Donald MacLeod about a convoy of Navy vessels torpedoed during World War II. Includes information on Captain Donald Archibald MacCallum of Tiree, was lost when his ship “Designer” was sunk on 9 June 1941.