Associated People: Hume, Mr John William, Heylipol (1867 - )


Merchant Seaman`s Continuous Certificate of Discharge 1920-1923

Merchant Seaman`s Continuous Certificate of Discharge belonging to Walter Hume (b. 1899) of Glasgow, recording the names of the ships on which he served, his engagement and discharge dates (1920 to 1923), his rating (sailor), description of voyage (Montreal, Portland, Halifax), report of character (always very good), signature of ship`s Master and date. Includes description but no photo. Next of kin given as Father John, Hillipol, Tiree (John William Hume b.1867, farm manager of Heylipol farm). Small blue-canvas bound booklet. Found in the loft of Millport House, Hynish in 2011.

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Invoice and label from Brora wool mill, 1936, found in the byres opposite Hynish House.

Invoice dated 1936 from T. M. Hunter of the Sutherland Wool Mills at Brora addressed to John Hume of Heylipol Farm for wool, plus a delivery label addressed to T. M. Hunter.


List of donors of Church funds found in a byre opposite Hynish House

Hand-written list of donors` names and addresses, and amount of money received by Rev. D. MacDonald. Names include: Chrissie MacDonald, Edinburgh; Anonymous; Neil MacArthur, The Store, Balemartine; John MacLean, Balemartine; Flora MacLean, Balemartine; John MacFarlane, Balemartine; Flora MacIntyre, Balemartine; Donald MacLean, Roadside; Balemartine; Hector Campbell, The Store, Balemartine; Peggie MacKinnon, Springfield, Balemartine; Miss Wilson, Schoolhouse, Balemartine; Margaret ?, Ruaig; Mr Hume, Heylipol Farm; Mrs Kennedy, Ardliu, Balinoe; A MacDonald, Mannal; Dr Hunter, Baugh; Chistina MacKinnon, The Store, Balemartine; Mrs MacKinnon, The Farmhouse, Balemartine.