Associated People: Dickie, Mrs Effie, Caoles


Letter recollecting visits to Tiree by the gandson of William & Effie Dickie, Caoles

Handwritten letter from Jason Mauchan of Canada about his memories of his times on Tiree when he stayed with his grandparents William & Effie Dickie of Caoles in the 1970s-80s.

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Audio cassette recording of Willie and Effie Dickie of Caoles talking to Dr John Holliday in January 1999.

Willie and Effie Dickie of Caoles talks to Dr John Holliday in January 1999 about their early life and schooling, the start of World War II, Effie’s work in the NAAFI in Tiree, dances and entertainment, rationing and egg-collecting, Willie’s time in the RAF, his arrival in Tiree, the snow in 1943, servicing aircraft, air-sea rescue, 281 Squadron, life in Nissen huts, football and table tennis, the RAF station magazine, war news on the radio and censorship, discipline, church services, RAF doctors and shortages during the war.