Associated People: Curran, Mr Frank, Sandaig


Draft report ‘Study for the Development of Artistic and Creative Skills on the Isles of Tiree and Coll’, 1997, commissioned by Tiree Art Enterprises and produced by Independent Public Arts Ltd. Includes a schedule of meetings and activities (1998-1999) on publication of the report in January 1998.


Newspaper article, accounts and letters to/from the Scottish Arts Council and Derrick Wolstencroft, Milton, regarding the ‘Sculpture in Water’ exhibition at Milton organised by Tiree Art Enterprises as part of the Tiree Arts Festival 1996. Committee members and artists mentioned include Frances Walker, Donald MacDonald, Anne Black, Frank Curran, Rev Bob Higham, Kip Poulson (Coll) and Ekkehard Altenburger (Edinburgh).


Christmas card of painting of Mary MacArthur`s house at Sandaig, by Frank Curran 2006-2007

Christmas card (2006/2007) from Frank and Rita Curran (to John Holliday?) showing watercolour painting by Frank Curran of Mary MacArthur`s spotty house, thatched cottage and shed at Sandaig.